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I'm Rowena Garcia from Squeaky Pea Designs. I love creating tailored visual solutions that can communicate your message in a visually dynamic way.

Working from Adelaide, Australia, I can chat face-to-face, over the phone or via Zoom with you about your specific graphic design needs and look forward to working with you to develop graphics that will exceed your expectations. 

Get in touch at 

to discuss your project. 

Please browse some of my favourite projects below. 

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Event campaign

Arkaba Hotel

Event poster and social
media promotional assets
for live music event.

Brief: to create marketing assets for a live music event featuring four musical acts.

Challenges: representing all four musical acts, developing a mood to match the theme, including a QR code. 

Goals: to produce an eye-catching and engaging design to entice audiences to attend a live music event.

Unique solutions: A flexible design to be used across a variety of marketing, social media, and publicity channels that includes a QR code direct for ticket sales.

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Royal Society for The Blind Calendar featuring guide dogs

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Royal Society for The Blind

This twenty-eight page A4 calendar was produced with professional photographs of guide dogs.

Brief: to create a calendar for 2019
using images of guide dogs.

Challenges: fast turnaround required
as previous designer abandoned project; creating unique pages to differentiate months. 

Goals: to produce an easy to read vibrant calendar that features a variety of guide dogs with fun graphic elements.

Unique solutions: Selecting 14 feature images from 122 images provided, use
of bold and vibrant colours to differentiate between the months.

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Flinders University

This twenty-six page report provides recommendations to improve aged care services for Forgotten Australians.

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Brief: to develop a 26 page spread that includes important recommendations
for aged care.

Challenges: finding the appropriate tone as most of the content is very emotional.

Goals: to produce an easy to read report that looks professional using the theme inspired by the flowers at Forgotten Australians Peace Park memorial. 

Unique solutions: Custom illustration that sets a consistent tone of the report without detracting from the content.

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My Disability Sport

This pull-up and retractable
banner is used to promote
fundraising in shopping centres.

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Brief: to design a retractable banner.

Challenges: To be a stand-out visual sign in a over-stimulated shopping centre environment.

Goals: to produce a vibrant brand and marketing solution to be used during fundraising campaigns in shopping centres.

Unique solutions: Using a modern approach to branding using unexpected darker colour to represent a disability focused charity.

Business Cards

The Tangerines - band

A business card that can be used
as a networking and contact card.


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Brief: to develop a business card
for distribution to industry networks
and live music venues.

Challenges: displaying the information
for all four band members without cluttering the design.

Goals: to produce a modern and sleek business card that represents the music of the band.

Unique solutions: This 400 GSM card is strong but soft to the touch and features rounded corners.

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Event Posters

Eric in Tinkerland - Adelaide Fringe

Poster design for an
Adelaide Fringe comedy show.

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Brief: to create visual promotion for 'Tinkerings' a musical comedy show for the 2020 Adelaide Fringe. 

Challenges: quality and colour of main image, inspiring vibrancy and energy. 

Goals: to provide 'Tinkerings' with a
professional brand and to encourage target audiences to attend show.

Unique solutions: Selecting a type that is goofy and wacky without distracting from the main image.  Colour grading image to ensure the overall feel remains vibrant.


“We were so thrilled with the work Rowena did for us.
She captured the spirit of what we were doing so well,
and created a beautifully and professionally designed document. She delivered the work in a timely way and was very open to feedback. It was a pleasure to work with Rowena and we recommend her work to anyone.”

Monica Cations / Adjunct Research Fellow/ Flinders University

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